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I'm a disabled, LGBT activist with experience leading campaigns on online disinfo and extremism, climate change and pollution, Indigenous rights, corporate accountability, media representation and accountability, and gender equality. 

I'm passionate about using digital tools to tell stories that connect, inspire, and empower people -- and motivate them to act.

I have managed activist campaigns, social media accounts, CRM, web pages, email, online newsletters, and blogs for major non-profits and entertainment companies as well as my own website.

I was Sierra Club’s dedicated digital staffer for the largest climate march in history, an event that had 400,000 attendees and was featured on the cover of the New York Times and USA Today, as well as eight other large national events with thousands of attendees each. I worked with TikTok and Reddit to make the Internet a little safer for BIPOC and LGBTQ women and femmes.

My work has generated hundred of thousands of public comments, hearing RSVPs, calls, and letters to policy decision makers at all levels of government and corporations.

 I believe in dismantling systems of oppression to build a just and equitable society. I believe in the innovators, instigators, creators, and dreamers. I believe in creating a ripple that will change the world.