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Brands should force Twitter to uphold content policies under Musk, advocacy groups say


Are Credit Card Companies the Key to Stopping Mass Shooters? These Visa Shareholders Think So


Networks use live fact-checking during first night of RNC


Liberal groups ask networks to stop ‘misinformation’ from GOP convention with delayed broadcast

Washington Times

Women say they will fight sexism, ‘ugly’ attacks on Harris


Reddit got the best grade on a ‘misogyny report card’ for social media. It was a C.

Washington Post

The Sierra Club Uses Upland Mobile Messaging to Turn Multiple Phone Lines Into One Massive Call-In Campaign

Mobile Commons

As Biden mulls his choice, women's groups brace for sexist, racist attacks on VP


TikTok explicitly bans misgendering, deadnaming, and promotion of conversion therapy

Fast Company

TikTok Officially Bans Deadnaming, Conversion Therapy Content


Activists who defended VP Harris now mobilizing for Supreme Court pick

Washington Post

Reddit bans pro-Trump forum "The_Donald" in hate speech crackdown

CBS News

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