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Brands should force Twitter to uphold content policies under Musk, advocacy groups say

Other organizations spearheading the letter campaign include the technology advocacy organization Accountable Tech and the feminist group UltraViolet. Meanwhile, the Center for Countering Digital Hate, the National Hispanic Media Coalition and the digital rights group Free Press also signed the letter in support of the effort.


Are Credit Card Companies the Key to Stopping Mass Shooters? These Visa Shareholders Think So

Shareholder proposals have pushed companies to adopt reforms around board gender diversity, executive compensation, and such environmental and social causes as climate change and human rights. Now if one group of shareholder activists has its way, electronic payments company Visa will face pressure at its January annual meeting to adopt policies aimed at an emerging issue for more and more companies—curbing gun violence.


Networks use live fact-checking during first night of RNC

MSNBC and CNN cut away from live coverage of the Republican National Convention several times on Monday night in order to fact-check claims made by speakers.There's been an ongoing debate amongst media insiders — and an advocacy campaign from progressive groups — about whether news networks should feel compelled to cut away from the RNC.The groups include UltraViolet Action, ACRONYM, BlackPAC, Color of Change PAC, EMILY’s List WOMEN VOTE, Higher Heights Political Fund, MomsRising, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and #ShePersisted.

Washington Times

Liberal groups ask networks to stop ‘misinformation’ from GOP convention with delayed broadcast

Liberal groups are asking television network executives to implement a one-minute delay on their broadcasts of this week’s Republican National Convention in the interest of thwarting purported misinformation. Ultraviolet, a liberal women’s group, led a coalition of liberal groups including NARAL Pro-Choice America, and EMILY’s List, to request the TV executives do not allow their networks to broadcast the GOP convention in the same manner they did for last week’s Democratic National Convention.


Women say they will fight sexism, ‘ugly’ attacks on Harris

In the weeks before Joe Biden named Sen. Kamala Harris his running mate, women’s groups were readying a campaign of their own: shutting down sexist coverage and disinformation about a vice presidential nominee they say is headed for months of false smears and “brutal” attacks from internet haters.

Washington Post

Reddit got the best grade on a ‘misogyny report card’ for social media. It was a C.

None of the major social media companies are excelling at preventing harassment and abuse against women on their sites, but some like Reddit and Twitter are faring better than others, according to a new report by an advocacy group shared exclusively with The Technology 202.

Mobile Commons

The Sierra Club Uses Upland Mobile Messaging to Turn Multiple Phone Lines Into One Massive Call-In Campaign

“Trump said that he hadn’t gotten a single phone call against the pipeline,” said Katie Reilly, a Senior National Online Organizer for the Sierra Club. “He had the phone off the hook at the time, so of course he wasn’t getting phone calls!”
Because there was no central comment line, the Sierra Club team had to think outside the typical call-in campaign tactics.


As Biden mulls his choice, women's groups brace for sexist, racist attacks on VP

As Joe Biden nears a decision on his vice presidential running mate, women’s groups are mobilizing to proactively combat the kind of “isms” that negatively impact women running for political office.”

Fast Company

TikTok explicitly bans misgendering, deadnaming, and promotion of conversion therapy

TikTok announced Tuesday that it would be strengthening its community guidelines. In the most recent update to its safety rules, the company made it clear that actions like misgendering, deadnaming, and the promotion of conversion therapy would not be tolerated on the platform. The change comes after recommendations from GLAAD, the largest media advocacy group for the LGBTQ+ community, and the gender-justice advocacy group UltraViolet.


TikTok Officially Bans Deadnaming, Conversion Therapy Content

TikTok updated its terms of service Tuesday morning to ban deadnaming, misgendering, misogyny, and content that promotes conversion therapy programs.

Washington Post

Activists who defended VP Harris now mobilizing for Supreme Court pick

Black activists and women’s groups that banded together to protect Kamala D. Harris from racist and sexist attacks before and after the 2020 election are remobilizing for the battle over President Biden’s upcoming Supreme Court nomination, concerned that the president’s pledge to pick a Black woman has sparked racially charged challenges that are already impacting potential candidates.

UltraViolet, a women’s rights group, will announce Monday it is reactivating the Women’s Disinformation Defense Project — launched during Biden’s search for a vice president — to combat racist posts on social media. The She Will Rise initiative, which has worked to establish a Black woman on the high court since before Biden was elected, is also stepping up efforts on behalf of the prospective nominee. The Black Women’s Roundtable is planning a rally at the steps of the Supreme Court in Washington and regular huddles with the White House, among other actions.

CBS News

Reddit bans pro-Trump forum "The_Donald" in hate speech crackdown

Reddit has banned "The_Donald," a forum that united fans of President Donald Trump on the social media platform. While announcing policy changes, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said Monday that the popular subreddit was shut down because it continuously violated its hate speech rules.

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