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Media and tech representation

Katie spent several years working in the music industry doing marketing for top selling musicians like Maroon 5 and independent artists and running a successful website about music education, internships , and entry level jobs. 

Most recently Katie has led campaigns on media and tech accountability and representation -- creating media guides, model policies, and report cards to improve how media and social media companies handles disinformation, hate, and extremism. 

Entertainment industry experience

Spent a decade working in music industry marketing with both independent and top-selling musicians. 

Earned a degree in Music Industry with a minor in legal studies focused on copyright law as well as an MBA.

A promotional page for the Five Finger Death Punch ban
A screenshot of the band Hollywood Undead's website
TikTok bans misgendering screenshot
Media guide on disinformation cover screenshot

Authored media and tech guides on combatting racism, sexism and disinfo

Worked with Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Reddit to improve their hate speech policies and enforcement. 

Published a report card grading how the major social media platforms handle sexis. 

4 people stand against a GRAMMY Foundation sign with a caption saying they participated in a panel
Logos of many entertainment companies

Ran a successful music industry blog

Worked with major entertainment brands and universities to educate, promote, and place students in internships and entry level jobs. 

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